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Update on the Methodological Quality of Research Published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine : Comparing 2011-2013 to 10 and 20 Years Prior

Over the past decade, since the initial report on the methodological quality of research in The American Journal of Sports Medicine4 (AJSM), evidence-based medicine has become the standard in medical research. This effect has been felt in orthopaedics as well, with an increasing emphasis on evidence-based medicine in orthopaedics journals. One of the most telling signs of the growing emphasis of evidence-based medicine in orthopaedics has been the increase in the amount of orthopaedics research over the past 10 years. Hui et al reported that between 2000 and 2011, the number of orthopaedics journals increased from 39 to 61 and the number of orthopaedics articles increased from 5161 to 10,087. Even within AJSM, there has been significant growth over the past decade. Since the last paper on the methodological quality of research in AJSM (Brophy et al), there has been an increase from 6 to 12 issues per year.

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