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Get Back In The Game

Gwendolyn Legendy

Philadelphia, PA

ACL Injury

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Early in 2018, my knee began randomly swelling up every few months, rendering me unable to put weight on it for 24 hours. One morning on my way to work during rush hour, I lost my balance and fell down a flight of subway stairs, and landed on my right foot in such a way that it buckled and twisted beneath me. The pain was excruciating and I knew something bad had happened, as I could not get up on my own. I was rushed to the emergency room and found I had fully torn my medial and lateral menisci, torn my ACL, as well as had significant degenerative arthritis (the apparent reason for the periodic knee pain over the last few months).

The diagnosis was clear that if I ever wanted to return to the lifestyle I once had, I would need surgery. I met with several surgeons at other hospitals who either were unable to perform such an extensive surgery or did not accept my insurance. It was not until I spoke with Carlene in the VOICES Education Program at HSS that I found someone who was willing to walk me through the process of scheduling a consultation and connect me with a surgeon who accepts my insurance. Had it not been for her kindness and patience, I would not have been able to navigate the confusing and frustrating process of switching insurances and scheduling my first few evaluations with the hospital.

I was ultimately placed under the care of Dr. Robert Marx who was wonderful in explaining my options for surgery and took the time to answer my many questions about recovery time and life post-op. Dr. Marx and his team continued to keep me informed through reschedulings due to COVID-19, and I was able to get my surgery in July 2020! Several months later, I returned back to doing the things I love which include playing with my nieces and nephews, short hikes with my dogs, light yoga, and a few other gentle activities. I am incredibly thankful for the team at HSS. I have never encountered a team that cares for its patients in the way that they do.

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