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Get Back In The Game

Joe Furgiuele

Yonkers, NY

Rotator Cuff Tear

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

About six years ago, I injured my left shoulder – in all likelihood from a combination of misuse and overuse, and further exacerbated the injury after a shot of cortisone, which only masked the pain, but did nothing to remedy the injury, in fact, it was likely the cause of more extensive damage. In the end, I severed two of the Rotator Cuff tendons and tore a third, all in my left shoulder. Having no desire to return to the institution/specialist dispensing cortisone as a solution, I searched and interviewed extensively both in Westchester and in NY before selecting Dr. Marx to perform the repair. The damage was extensive and worsened by elapsed time.

The surgery was scheduled and after a five-week period of immobilization, I began extensive, aggressive, and excruciating Physical Therapy, which ultimately lasted nearly a year. It was only at the six-month follow-up, when I suggested progress was slow that Dr. Marx informed me that the damage was so bad, there were those on the OR who did not think he would be successful.

Although it did indeed take time and diligence, with excellent PT and follow-up, to my delight, and his great satisfaction, I have 98%-plus use of my shoulder back. It took approximately two years for my shoulder & arm to lie flat against a mat, a wall, or the floor. Now, I use it as if nothing ever happened, while still doing many of the exercises done during PT. In fact, I have resumed my, rather aggressive, workout regimen.

I have now had several orthopedic repairs done by Dr. Marx, including torn meniscus injuries to both knees, and a similar, albeit single tear, repair to my right shoulder. All these procedures were done by Dr. Marx and each outcome has been extremely successful.

While I have come to realize I need to modify my workouts – dialing them down a bit – as Dr. Marx has cautioned, I still perform a strenuous and demanding routine on a regular basis. There are certain items, such as cartwheels, which I have abandoned, but there is still variety and challenge to my workouts.

All in all, not bad for a now 63 year old guy … with more than a bit of help from a terrific HSS surgeon (and staff!) – Thanks, Dr. Marx, for getting, and keeping, me back in the game!

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