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Current Concepts and Controversies in Rehabilitation After Surgery for Multiple Ligament Knee Injury

Purpose of Review The purpose of this manuscript is twofold: (1) to review the literature related to rehabilitation after surgery for multiple ligament knee injury (MLKI) and after isolated surgery for the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), posterolateral corner (PLC), and medial side of the knee and (2) to present a hierarchy of anatomic structures needing the most protection to guide rehabilitation. Recent Findings MLKIs continue to be a rare but devastating injury. Recent evidence indicates that clinicians may be providing too much protection from early weight bearing and range of motion, but an accelerated approach has not been rigorously tested. Summary Consideration of the nature and quality of surgical procedures (repair and reconstruction) can help clinicians determine the structures needing the most protection during the rehabilitation period. The biomechanical literature and prior clinical experience can aid clinicians to better structure rehabilitation after surgery for MLKI and improve clinical outcome for patients.

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