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Get Back In The Game

Amanda Borges

Marlboro, NJ

ACL Injury

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My name is Amanda Borges and I am an Alum NCAA Division II volleyball player from the northeast region. On October 13, 2014, my sophomore year of college and my second year on a collegiate volleyball team, I tore my ACL. I remember this date so vividly because that was the day that would either make or break me, not only as an athlete, but as an individual. I tore my ACL landing after hitting a ball that was set too tightly to the net. I had to contort my body in a way that would allow me to effectively attack the ball, while not getting caught in the net. The result was landing on a single left leg and immediately feeling like something had snapped inside my knee. I knew what it was, although I desperately hoped it was something else. ANYTHING else. As I sat on the wooden floor in shock, I looked up to my parents and saw their faces turn pale with concern. I looked around desperately for our team’s athletic trainer and as she rushed to help me up, all I could think was, “This is it. I’m done with this sport forever.” People always asked me if it hurt and my response was always “yes” but what hurt more was “thinking” that my career was over.

Well...glad to say Dr. Marx had different plans for me. I visited his office shortly after the incident and from the very first meeting, I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Marx listened intently and genuinely to my story and how much the sport meant to me. With his demeanor and wealth of knowledge of my diagnoses...I instantly started to relax. On November 17, 2015 (my 20th birthday), I received the best present from Dr. Marx, a reconstructed ACL! The procedure went smoothly and I was out of the hospital the very same day to start the long road to recovery. Although it was not an easy journey, having such an experienced surgeon like Dr. Marx made the journey A LOT less overwhelming. He was with me through every step of the way and reassured me after each visit that everything was going to be okay and that I would get back on that court. Well, I did! I came back stronger than ever and jumping even higher than before! Emotions consumed me that first day back at preseason the following year. I was clearly one of the fastest and best conditioned athletes on the team that year. This is not intended to pat myself on the back, but to give credit where credit is due. Dr. Marx saved the athlete in me and honestly made me even better. I cannot thank him enough because if it were not for his expertise in what he does, I would not be the athlete I am today. What was a terrifying and stressful situation for me, he made into an opportunity for me to overcome, to grow, and to become stronger, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. Because of his help, I didn't give up when it was so easier to do so. I continued to have the best years of volleyball, breaking personal records and feeling confident about my athletic future. Thanks to Dr. Marx, not only did I return to the sport as a strong competitor; I also proved to so many, who assumed this was a career ending injury, wrong. Sweet victory indeed..

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