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Get Back In The Game

Angela Jakubowski

Kings Park, NY

Rotator Cuff

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

In December 2011 I fell and tore my rotator cuff pretty badly which needed surgery. My husband researched and found high marks for HSS and their staff. We consulted with Dr. Robert Marx and scheduled my surgery for January 2012. Unfortunately my husband passed away suddenly the weekend before my surgery which I cancelled. The pain I was in emotionally outweighed the pain in my shoulder. I went to see Dr. Marx again as my shoulder did hurt and my motion and activity limited. Dr Marx and his staff were so compassionate and supportive during this difficult time and convinced me that all would be okay and they were there for me every step of the way. I scheduled my surgery in March which was a success and went to physical therapy in Northport as the therapists there were from HSS prior. Today I am pain free, have 90% use of my arm and back to normal activity. I did take a good 6-8 months with therapy but well worth it. I cannot thank HSS, Dr. Marx and the staff enough for all they did for me. My husband left me a gift when he found HSS for my injury.

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