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Get Back In The Game

Gail Wisdom

Nassau, Bahamas

Knee Replacement

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

Choosing Hospital for Special Surgery and meeting Dr. Robert Marx have catapulted me onto a path to pain free, quality living, and to truly getting "back in the game". Following a high-school knee injury, two surgeries and a lifetime of nursing an unstable and deteriorating joint, I took the plunge just over 8 months ago. I know within my heart-of-hearts that the time was right, and that my choices were perfect! The care that I received at Hospital For Special Surgery was just that…Special!


This was only to be equaled and (if possible) surpassed by the personalized care that I have and continue to receive from Dr. Marx and his A-1 Team. I continue to be impressed by the extreme level of teamwork that results in constant access and a responsiveness to patient need that is unprecedented. In addition to being a team of consummate professionals, Team Marx cares deeply…each one is as invested as the patient is in having the best possible surgical outcome. I am daily singing the praises of both HSS and Dr. Robert Marx as I reap the benefits of my new knee. Thank you HSS, and from the bottom of my heart "Team Marx"!! God bless you all!!

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