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Get Back In The Game

Gary Lowenstein

Linwood, NJ

ACL Injury

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

I am an avid skier. I have been skiing for 40 plus years. An unfortunate accident while skiing in Utah three years ago caused a complete left knee ACL tear. Two local Orthopedic Surgeons (both close friends of mine) indicated I needed a complete allograft tissue ACL replacement. They were both anxious to sign me up for surgery. A close friend told me about Dr. Marx and HSS. When I Googled Dr. Marx the first hit on the internet was "Non surgical treatment for complete ACL tear in a recreational skier" I clicked on it and was taken back knowing that surgery might not be necessary. I immediately made an appointment with Dr. Marx, drove to New York City, MRI's in hand, and met with Dr. Marx. I questioned him ad nauseam on how it was possible to ski without an ACL. After our meeting, and after reading articles and a book written by him I decided to go with his plan. Long story short I never got the ACL replacement surgery. My knee is better than it was prior to injury. I am skiing better then before the injury with total confidence. I have skied two seasons since the accident all through the steep and deep in Utah and Wyoming with no issues.

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Marx and HSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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