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Get Back In The Game

Jennifer Sundt

New York, NY

ACL Injury

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

On the last day of 2011 ski trip I tore my right ACL when my ski caught on a small rock and came to a dead stop. I felt my right knee pull completely pull out of the socket, so I put all my weight on it and pushed it back in. It was too late though as the ACL was torn. As an avid runner, biker and skier I knew it was bad because I had no ability to turn without the knee collapsing.

I contacted Dr. Marx's office and he confirmed a torn ACL and fixed me up. Fast forward to 2013 and our first day back on slopes after the first knee surgery I hit a mogul that I didn't see because of shadows. I landed on another mogul and couldn't regain my balance. My right knee was fine (had a brace on) but my left binding did not release and I knew something wasn't right. The ER doctor said it was probably just a torn meniscus but I knew it was more than that. I immediately called Maria (Dr. Marx's office manager) and made an appointment for when we returned. An MRI confirmed I had torn my left ACL. Once again Dr. Marx fixed me up- my scars are perfectly symmetrical.

I have finally gotten back on my skis again and can happily report a perfect ski season! Now I always tell the ski rental place I'm a level 1 skier instead of 2.5 because then they make the bindings much looser. It didn't slow me down a bit!

Love love love Dr. Marx and Maria- they are the best!

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