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Get Back In The Game

John Turner

Ridgefield, CT

ACL Injury

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My three sons and I went through 5 surgeries between November 2014 and April 2016. It was a difficult time for our family but I have no doubt that we are doing so well because we chose Dr. Robert Marx to do all the surgeries!

Our journey began when my son James tore his ACL during the last preseason football practice of his senior year in high school. When we met with Dr. Marx we were heartbroken over his injury. Dr. Marx took his time explaining what would happen during the surgery and what to expect during the rehabilitation process. We felt so relieved after we met with him that we had a path to recovery for James. He is now better and stronger than ever and is a captain of his college football team.

In June of 2015 I had scar tissue cleaned out of my shoulder and my biceps tendon reattached due to an old swimming injury. I had been experiencing pain for some time and now am pain-free and I compete in Masters Swim Meets.

The most complicated surgery came in July 2015 when Michael had a distal femoral osteotomy. His left leg was knock-kneed and it was causing his kneecap to dislocate. The surgery straightened his leg and in turn ended his dislocations. My wife remembers being in the hospital with Michael the night after the surgery and Michael was certain one of the pins that held the metal plate to his femur had fallen out because he heard a pop. She called Dr. Marx from the hospital to reassure Michael that he was fine. Dr. Marx was confident the pin had not fallen out but he ordered an x-ray to assure Michael. Not many doctors would do that for their patient! Michael is now a freshman at playing college football.

My son John tore his ACL playing in the opening football game of his senior season at Holy Cross. Another heartbreaker but we knew exactly who we would call! John had his ACL repaired in October 2015 and although his college playing days are over he enjoys a variety of recreational sports and jokes that his best joint is his repaired knee!

Finally, in April of 2016 Michael had the metal plate from his osteotomy surgery removed. We are so thankful to Dr. Marx for his care and expertise! He is truly a brilliant surgeon!

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