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Get Back In The Game

Karl Hughes

Bloomfield, NJ

Frozen Shoulder

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A few days before Christmas 2008 I fell down the stairs and dislocated my right shoulder. I thought it was very serious, because I was now out of work. I work at a very physical demanding trade called carpentry. It took doctors in New Jersey several weeks to get an MRI, read it and then it just seemed that they wanted to see what would happen. Well, what "happened" was that my right shoulder became very stiff, and I could no longer raise my arm above my head. For a right handed carpenter, I was out of action and not earning a living. After several weeks, which turned into months, I went to Dr. Marx on 1st Ave. In March of 2009 I told him that I need to be able to lift the door to the treatment room as a part of my daily job. He said that it was a heavy door. I said that is what I do. If I cannot do my job I am in trouble. Dr. Marx told me that what I had was a "Frozen Shoulder". He said that he would put a shot of Cortisone into it and that I should go to Physical Therapy 3 times per week and take lots of Advil for the pain. Dr. Marx said this was the best next step instead of surgery! After the shot, my shoulder loosened up a bit. I went to the gym every day for the next 3 months, and did the same things that I did at Physical Therapy. I didn't bother with the Advil. In July I went back to Dr. Marx and we discussed what I had done. He told me that most people are unwilling to put up with the discomfort of working the shoulder out, but that I now had about 95% movement back in the shoulder and that I would gain strength with time. I am very grateful to Dr. Marx because he was honest with me, and by taking things one step at a time, we accomplished more in 3 months than the other doctors had right after the injury. I really think that it would have been better for me if I had met Dr. Marx sooner. I have my work and my life back in order and I am grateful.

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