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Get Back In The Game

Louis Peter

New York, NY

ACL Injury

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

I had a horrific injury to my left knee -- torn ACL and torn meniscal tissue on both sides. My "bucket handle" meniscus injury caused great swelling and made my knee virtually immobile for weeks leading up to surgery. I did a lot of research before deciding on a doctor to handle my case. Virtually everyone I spoke to told me to go to HSS. I was extremely impressed with all of the doctor profiles I'd read on the HSS site, as well as on third party sites. However, the surgeon who seemed best for me was Dr. Marx. He literally wrote the book on ACL injuries and his profile spoke volumes about his expertise.

My experience with Dr. Marx supported all of the research I'd done. He is not just a brilliant surgeon, but also a wonderful human being -- skillful, experienced, caring, responsive and compassionate. He was confident that he would restore my good health, but he was also upfront and advised that I'd have a long recovery as a result of my leg having been immobilized for so many weeks.

After my successful surgery, Dr. Marx recommended an excellent physical therapist whom he guided towards restoring full motion to my leg. Throughout my months of rehabilitation, Dr. Marx provided encouragement and assured me that I'd be fine if I'd put in the effort at physical therapy and follow his advice.

Of course, he was right. I thank the good doctor and his kind staff for bringing me back to life!

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