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Get Back In The Game

Marvin Vettori

Mezzocorona, Italy

PCL Injury

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

Marvin's Video Testimonial

I sustained a knee injury during a fight back in October 2021 after checking a kick from Paulo Costa. I managed to win the fight but underwent an MRI afterwards to get a gauge for the extent of the damage to my knee. The results were disappointing as it confirmed I had injured my PCL and could be sidelined for six to nine months.

I visited HSS and met with Dr. Robert Marx to evaluate what my recovery options were. Usually, this type of injury would require surgery, but Dr. Marx had a different plan for me. He suggested I wear a PCL dynamic brace coupled with PRP injections to speed up the healing. Instead of being sidelined for 6 months, I was able to reduce my recovery time to about six weeks!

I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Marx and feel so fortunate to have found him. He and his staff were always reassuring and provided me with amazing treatment. I am thankful I chose HSS and Dr. Marx as they helped me get back to doing what I love in the octagon in record time!

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