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Get Back In The Game

Niklas Manz

Brooklyn, NY

Torn Menicus

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

I am a competitive Ballroom dancer for the last 25 years and won, for example, with the German National Team in Ballroom Formation Dancing the World Championship in 2000. Around 2009/2010, I started having problems with rotational movements: a short sharp pain while turning. First, only about every three months and it was 'solved' by not practicing for a couple of days. When the time-intervals got shorter, I went to my hospital where I work and the orthopedic doctor gave me some injections, prescribed physical therapy, and that I should wear a knee brace. But it didn't help.

Why I like to tell the story is the sentence he told me during one visit: "Your problem is a combination of getting older and being TOO active". Great, I know that I can do everything (that's why he didn't bother too much) else but just no dancing, which is a major part of my life.

When I met Dr. Marx, he told me that he thinks he can help after looking at some images and evaluated my problems. He did not think that my dancing time is over. After the surgery, I worked on my knees (and feet and hip) with a physical therapist and started practicing a couple of months later. This year, we danced again at the US Nationals and I didn't feel anything!! And because I don't have to 'listen' to my knee anymore, our dancing became much more dynamic as I don't have to be careful to check what is possible and what not.

Thanks to Dr. Marx, I am being able to do what I love to do.

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