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Get Back In The Game

William Bieber

Thiells, NY

Rotator Cuff

Marvin Vettori Photo.png

Prior to November 2013 I suffered from severe shoulder pain (left) for over 20 years due to a rotator cuff injury. On November 17, 2013 while lifting weight I ruptured my long head bicep muscle on my left arm. Surprisingly all the pain I was experiencing in my arm went away. I was not aware of the severity of the injury until the next day when I noticed my bicep had now dropped leaving a large gap between my shoulder and elbow. At the time of the injury I was 47. I am a very active individual. I’ve been lifting weights for over 25 years and play ice hockey weekly for the last 15. On December 3, 2013 I underwent surgery to have my bicep reattached and the rotator cuff repaired. On January 5, 2014 I started PT. By the end of February 2014 I was back in the gym lifting light weights and working hard to get back into shape. By the end of March 2014, approximately 100 days post-surgery I had resumed playing hockey on a weekly basis. And by June 2104, only 6 months after surgery I was back to 100% of where I was prior to November 2013.

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